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Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation was established in 2003 by the world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr Charles Teo in response to the increasing incidence of brain cancer and the lack of research being conducted in Australia.

LifeWise Wealth Protection is honored to support and raise funds for the Cure For Life Foundation. Our role as Life Insurance Advisors is to ensure that our client’s families are protected for whatever their future holds however we also need to encourage our community to invest in causes such as Cure For Life Foundation in identifying cures for diseases specifically brain cancer.

In 2010 Chris Kelaart’s beautiful mother passed away after suffering from a brain tumor, so the Cure For Life Foundation is very dear to us.

We encourage all our clients and Corporate Partners to dig deep and donate to this worthy cause.

“There is no known cure for brain cancer, yet it has the greatest impact on society of all the cancers. Your support makes a difference, collectively if we give generously, lobby our politicians, increase public awareness and support our scientists we will unmask the cure. Our dream is a day when all patients diagnosed with brain cancer can be told they have a manageable disease”.

Dr Charles Teo, Founder and Director of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Please visit or contact this office to make a donation.
Tax –deductible receipts can only be issued to people donating money of $2 or more.

Donate to the cause